Soft lines and comfortable fabrics model the "Camouflage Ar and J." trouser andare areal expression of class, elegance and "Italian Style".

With a Country-Chic touch, the classic is now revisited and interpreted accordingly to a modern approach, using innovative and refined treatments to produce precious garments.

Passion and creation are essential elements
Comfort and elegance come together in a single product.

Denim has a fierce stylemaintaining at the same time its elegance.

It contains the philosophy and the soul of the brand: "MADE IN ITALY", that is considered as an adventure journey to discover the style, the quality and the natural beauty.

made in italy

Excellent comfort and Italian design


...In March 2006 the brand debuted on the market with a collection of only 22 pants...

The artisanal manufacturing is carried out by qualified personnel with years of experience in the apparel industry. Every detail is thoroughly taken care of in order to offer our customers an exclusive product, worthy of being called "ITALIAN EXCELLENCE".

During the creation of each "Camouflage Ar and J." piece of clothing, our experts carry out meticulous checks in order to guarantee quality, excellent comfort and Italian design.

10 January 2017